December Corolation


Coro Alumni News

Congratulations to the following alumni for their recognition and accomplishments! You can click on a person's name to e-mail them your congratulations directly.


Coro Job Board

Check out our new job board. Jobs offered and recommended by Coro alums.


Coro Scholarship Fund

While Coro alumni are essential to building a better new York, you are essential to building a better Coro. Click here to help.


Thank You to our Alumni.

Coro could not be successful without the help and dedication of our many volunteers. Alumni volunteers to assist Coro in all areas of the work we do to improve the leadership community of NYC. Each month Corolation would like to thank alumni who volunteered for Coro recently. 

Coro Alumni Happy Hour is tonight

at the Smithfield (215. W. 28th St.)