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Year-End Scholarship Fund Campaign: $14,000 in 14 Days

Thank you to all who made gifts through December 14 totaling $20,880: we successfully secured a $15,500 matching gift adding $36,380 to the Coro Scholarship Fund.

To reach our goal of $50,000 by 12/31, we need you!

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Alumni News, Acknowledgments & Jobs

Please join us in thanking Coro alumni who contributed to the Coro Community in different ways this month. Your contributions make Coro programs the success they are.

We also are pleased to announce job postings and events.

(Pictured above, L to R) Michael Lambert (NL 2012), Cecelia Kushner (LNY22) and Aaron Koffman (LNY22) participated in LNY25's first issue day, which discussed affordable housing.


LNY's First Issue Day Explores Inclusionary Zoning

Leadership New York 25 (LNY25) held its first issue day of a series, earlier this month in the Bedford-Styuvesant section of Brooklyn. Issue days are part of the program's curriculum to explore topical issues in New York City and to connect participants to key community stakeholders.

The theme was Economic Development and Housing and the issue was Inclusionary Zoning. LNY25 participants were guided by the question: How does New York City address housing needs across a range of incomes while fostering economic development?


Job Postings now on LinkedIn

Please post your organization's job openings on the Coro New York Leadership Center LinkedIn group page, under our Job Discussion section.

Recruitment has begun for Coro Fellows 2015!

Recruitment is underway for the next Coro Fellows cohort.  Applications are due by January 22nd, 2014.  Click here to apply.