September Corolation


Meet our newest cohorts of Leadership New York and Coro Fellows

Please join us in welcoming the two newest cohorts to the Coro community.  Leadership New York 25 and the Coro Fellows 2013-2014.


Coro Alumni News

Congratulations to the following alumni for their recognition and accomplishments! You can click on a person's name to e-mail them your congratulations directly.


Coro Job Board

Check out our new job board. Jobs offered and recommended by Coro alums.


Thank You to our Alumni

Thank you to all of the Coro alumni who contributed to us in different ways this month. Your contributions make Coro programs the success they are.

Neighborhood Leadership 2014 is now recruiting

Click here for more information on Neibhorhood Leadership 2014

For those leading commercial revitalization efforts in their communities Coro's Neighborhood Leadership (NL) program provides our city's top talent with the resources they need to understand how to influence meaningful change and address complex challenges within their neighborhoods.