October Corolation


Mayoral transition: How can Coro help you?

Coro is working hard to aid our alumni in the forthcoming mayoral transition.


Coro Alumni News

Congratulations to the following alumni for their recognition and accomplishments! You can click on a person's name to e-mail them your congratulations directly.


Coro Job Board

Check out our new job board. Jobs offered and recommended by Coro alums.


Thank You to Our Alumni

Thank you to all of the Coro alumni who contributed to us in different ways this month. Your contributions make Coro programs the success they are.

Hosting a Coro Fellow

Each year the Coro Fellows are placed into short-term positions within five different sectors; Government, Campaign, Labor, Business, and Non-Profit. The Fellows are wrapping up their time in the Government sector, but we need your help finding placements for the remaining four.

Neighborhood Leadership 2014 is now recruiting